VMZYME PLUS is a very unique and highly concentration blend of enzymes and probiotic which takes care of various problems in Cattle and Large animal like, digestibility due to the presence of non starch polysaccharides, galactosides, phytases and other anti-nutritional factors present in the feed stuff.


ENZYMES = Cellulase,Xylanase,Protease,Beta glucanase,Alpha amylase,Pectinase,Phytase,Lipase,Mannanse PROBIOTICS = Live S.cerevisiae,Lactobacillus.Spp


  • Break down the anti nutrition factor and make bioavailability of nutrition
  • Improves feed utilization for overall performance of animals.
  • Decrease viscosity & loose droppings
  • Increase feed conversions ratio in large animals.
  • Enhance milk productions & Quality
  • Enzyme improves nutrient digestibility Growth performance of animals.

Recommendations Of Dosage

Large Animals 250 gram per ton of feed
Large Animals 20-25 gram per day per animal
Or as recommended by veterinarian


25 KG HDPE DRUM (500 gram & 1 Kg Pouches)


Store in cool and dry place, away from direct sun light.