Shrimp are actively “grazing” on the substrate present in the pond bottom and water column. Therefore, they highly expose to exchanges of micro flora between the environment and the digestive system. This increases the risk for the proliferation of an unfavorable gut micro flora or frequent destabilization of the micro flora, which can affect the optimal functioning of the digestive system.

Furthermore, the digestive system of shrimp is the main entry port for protozoan, bacterial and viral infections, which remain a major risk for the profitability of shrimp production. Presently these are the most important Gut track diseases in shrimps:

White Feces Syndrome (WFS)

White Gut Disease (WGD)

White Muscle Disease (WMD)


Probiotics – Lactic Acid Bacillus & Bacillus Spp. Enzymes – Lipase, Amylase, Protease & Phytase Organic acids, Amino acids & Minerals Blends


  • Maintain balance between the host, pathogen and environment.
  • Improves resistance of pathogens.
  • Improves digestion and FCR.
  • It helps to avoid use of antibiotics and chemicals in pond.
  • Increase modulation of the gut micro flora in farmed shrimps & prevent gut diseases.
  • Eliminate White Disease called in Gut, Muscle & Faces.PREVENTIONS
    • The use of selected bacteria to inoculate the gut (probiotics) STHIRAA GUT CAN BE USE
    • Specific nutrients promoting the development of selected bacterial strains (prebiotics) in gut.
    • Specific natural compounds (mostly derived from yeast and herbal extracts, so called“phytobiotics) capable of modulating the micro flora towards a favorable composition.

    Favoring the development of beneficial bacteria and inhibiting potentially pathogenic microorganisms in gut

Recommendations Of Dosage

Shrimp 5-10gram/kg of feed
Treatment 20gram/kg of feed
Or as directed by the aqua culture consultant
• STHIRAA GUT PRO to be applied 5-10 grams bacteria mixing with 20 ml natural curd and apply along with feed. During treatment period 20 grams bacteria mixing with 100 ml natural curd and apply along with feed.


500 gram*12 jars in corrugated box & 25 kg HDPE DRUM


Store in cool and dry place, away from direct sun light.