STHIRAA GROW powder used in stress & deficiency in animal feed supplements. Our STHIRAA GROW product benefited to animal as a growth promoter which helps reduce antibiotic intake, also useful in weight gain in animals etc.


Probiotics – Lacto Bacillus Spp., Bacillus Spp. & Saccaromyces Spp. Prebiotics - MOS Vitamins – Vitamin C Carrier -- QS with needful stabilizers


  • To regulate the micro-ecological balance, protect the gut health and decrease the diarrheas of animal
  • Increase weight gain & feed conversions
  • Reduces ammonia production and mortality rate
  • Reduction of antibiotic intake
  • Helpful under critical conditions like Stress & Deficiency


Recommendations Of Dosage

Broilers Chicks 1 g/ liter of water
Adults 1 g/ 4 liter of water
Breeders 1 g/ liter of water
Layers Treatment = 1 g/ liter of water for 5 days thereafter 1 g/ 4 liter of water
Or as recommended by veterinarian


25 KG HDPE DRUM (500 gram & 1 Kg Pouches)


Store in cool and dry place, away from direct sun light.